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      New food truck gets rolling

      There's a new food truck in town!

      Seor's Taco Truck made its debut today in Marquette.

      The food truck doesn't carry just tacos, though.

      The menu boasts homemade, authentic Mexican cuisine, and most ingredients are local.

      Fresh guacamole, one-of-a-kind salsas, and fideo, a Mexican pasta dish, are some of the truck's staples.

      The truck's owner, Rick Rhoades Sr., says running a food truck is something he's always wanted to do.

      He says the food is "from the heart."

      "I'm of Mexican desent and these are all recipes that I've learned from my grandmother, my great-grandmother and my mother. You know, recipes we've passed down through generations," said Rhoades.

      You can find out where the truck will be on Facebook, Twitter, or website, or you can call them at (906)458-9226.