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      New home for Negaunee Township business

      A heavy equipment dealer in Negaunee Township is building a new home for itself just down the highway from its current space. Miller Bradford and Risberg remains open for business at their current location in Negaunee Township on US-41 by the Carp River. But to cut costs, the company has begun construction on a new, smaller facility by the Vietnam Veteran's Post, just east of their current home. For the past two decades, Miller Bradford and Risberg has sold most of its equipment to local municipalities and governments for construction work. The company says the nearly 12,000-foot facility will better serve its customers.

      "Miller Bradford and Risberg has been in business since 1988. This construction project is our continued commitment to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan," said Branch Manager, Matt Anderson.

      The company says it expects their new facility to be open for business this fall.