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      New hospital for vintage cars

      You may have noticed a number of vintage Fords on the road lately. The Model A Ford Club of America has brought their classic autos to Marquette for their annual convention.

      With any car comes a need for repairs. Luteys Heritage Motors is serving as a repair center for the Model As. One couple traveled from California before having trouble with their radiator. Although there is work to be done on their car, it's a labor of love.

      "If you ride in a Model A, you're just seeing the world differently; it's seeing it slow, it's seeing things you never noticed before and meeting people everywhere that are so friendly," said Joann Loewen of the Model A Ford Club. "Just in the repair tent here this morning, we have just had tremendous visits already."

      Those fixing up their Model As say that repair parts are not as difficult to find as you may think. The cars come from all across the world to participate in a host of activities. Driving tours, seminars, and, of course, show vehicle viewing are all planned as part of the convention.