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      New improvements to 550 coming

      The Marquette County Road Commission held a special meeting Wednesday to update the public on improvements to County Road 550. They discussed new work coming to the section of 550 between Sugarloaf Avenue and Harlow Creek.

      The work includes pavement improvements, widening shoulders and improving access to state park sites along 550. The road commission say's they've been focusing on working with all the groups affected by the road improvements.

      "We've had lots of discussions with Marquette Township, with County Planning Department that runs Sugarloaf park, and we've had talks with the state DNR who owns the land and the parks there to make sure that what we're proposing here will fit it," said Jim Iwanicki from the Marquette County Road Commission.

      The new work on 550 is scheduled to begin Thursday. The road commission hopes to have the project finished before significant snowfall. The project is being fully funded by Lundin Mining.