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      New intersection causes controversy

      Six car accidents within the last two months have residents concerned about the safety of a new Quinnesec intersection.

      The area where Breitung Cutoff Road meets Highway 141 is where all the accidents have taken place.

      "It is dangerous, almost to the point of suggesting that people don't use it. And I would hate for anything to happen to me or my family because of the condition of this "safer intersection" that M-DOT has built for us," said Quinnesec resident Tom Wills.

      Several lanes meet at the intersection and are cautioned with a flashing red light, not a traffic signal. And the road leading up to the intersection is curvy, making it difficult for drivers to adjust their speed. Drivers are also confused by a double-yellow line that appears in the middle of the crossroads.

      M-DOT says they'll look into the controversial intersection this summer to decide if a traffic light should be installed.

      "But the traffic signal is not a safety device. Drivers still need to be aware and cautious at intersections. It appears that driver error was to blame for most of these accidents," said M-DOT representative James Lake.

      Melissa Sue Toole offered a similar opinion on our Facebook page.

      "Car accidents are caused by people...pure and simple," said Toole. "While it sounds like a full on traffic signal would be a good idea here, remember that it isn't the intersections fault."

      M-DOT has already cut down trees to enhance driver visibility, and they installed stop signs.

      The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office cautions drivers when they're approaching the intersection.

      "When they get to that intersection, I think they need to give themselves a little more time to get across. If there's cars coming either north or south, they need to have a little more time to cross that intersection," said Dickinson County Sheriff Scott Celello.

      Something that everyone agrees on is that there needs to be less accidents at the intersection.

      We asked about this intersection on our Facebook page, and this is what you had to say:

      "I'm probably more aware of the problems now that I've seen the story. I live about 5 miles from the intersection. I don't think MDOT should wait until summer to do their study--a light should be placed there now. I can't speak for other drivers, but I will certainly be more alert the next time i gotta go through that intersection." - Steve Orchard

      "Car accidents are caused by people...pure and simple. If you are paying attention your chance of causing, or being involved in, an accident are reduced. We allow too many people who shouldn't drive to get behind the wheel of a car....and people have come to believe it is their "right" to drive. It is is a privilege. While it sounds like a full on traffic signal would be a good idea here, remember that it isn't the intersections fault." - Melissa Sue Toole

      "They will wait until someone gets killed before they take action." - Shawn Boone