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      New Ishpeming Superintendent meets with the public

      Ishpeming Public Schools new Superintendent held a special meeting Thursday to personally introduce himself to the community.

      John Summerhill became the new Ishpeming Superintendent this past July.

      He took over for Interim Superintendent Anthony Bertucci.

      Summerhill is from Warren, Michigan, a part of Metro Detroit.

      He says he welcomes the new changes Ishpeming brings for him and his family, and couldn't be more excited to be a part of the district.

      He says he has big plans for the schools.

      "You need to put things in place that support your current students. Every year there's a new group in and a group that goes out so things change. So you need to constantly be looking at that stuff to support learning," said Summerhill.

      As a part of his own welcoming, Summerhill even took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

      Summerhill said he now challenges:

      Tony Bertucci

      Vicki Lempinen

      Dan Barry

      Bernie Anderson

      Terry Roberts

      Dan Skewis

      Bryan DeAugustine

      Dru Milliron

      William Saunders

      Summerhill says "You have 24 hours!"