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      New Jamrich Hall about 80 percent complete

      The new John X. Jamrich Hall at Northern Michigan University is inching closer and closer to completion for the fall semester. There is still a lot of work to be done on the building, but classrooms and offices are beginning to take shape. As of Friday afternoon, the hall is about 80 percent complete. The third floor is the closest to completion so far with carpet and fixtures installed in many rooms.

      "The biggest difference between this building and the existing Jamrich Hall is the types of classrooms that this building will be outfitted with. All of the classrooms in this building will be configured and outfitted with both furnishings and technology that support collaborative learning," said Jim Thams, Associate Director of Engineering and Planning at NMU.

      Once completed the building will house the Criminal Justice, Math, Sociology, and English departments.

      The building will also have a Starbucks on the first floor so students won't have to travel far to receive their coffee fix.