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      New lanes in downtown Marquette

      The flow of vehicles coming from the roundabout in Marquette can make it difficult for cars turning and people trying to cross the road.

      "People have to sit here for a long time; people sit in that left turn lane forever. It gets backed up, like back past the (food) co-op. It'll back up way back towards Harvey," said Max Lapekas.

      So, to slow down traffic and keep everyone safe, the Downtown Development Authority, along with other agencies, decided to redesign the traffic flow. They've repainted the lanes and added a turn lane coming from south Front Street into downtown to Spring Street.

      "To make it a safer environment for our pedestrians who want to cross traffic; so we're taking and making it safer for motorists, too, in the meantime. We don't want to compromise one for the other," said Gordon Warchock, Detective Captain with Marquette City Police.

      Now there are two lanes coming from southbound Front Street. One lane will keep cars moving without having to back up the traffic. The center turn lane makes it easier for cars to turn and acknowledge pedestrians trying to cross.

      Some business owners are glad the city is trying to make the area safer.

      "Front and Baraga has been challenging in terms of traffic flow and having the opportunity to cross as a pedestrian, or turn. So, I hope this enhancement will help," said Kim Smith, Garden Bouquet & Design.

      From those traveling from Baraga to Front Street, they also added a turn lane. It's all part of the city's effort to make downtown safer for travelers.

      Earlier this year, they redesigned the crosswalks and added signs. They will continue to monitor the flow for any future modifications.