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      New Life Church in Marquette participates in Backpack Project

      A 26-year-old back to school tradition continues this year with a church in Marquette.

      The backpack project is a chance for community members to give back by donating backpacks filled with school supplies to students in need.

      New Life Church in Marquette is partnering with the original founders of the project, the Catholic Church, to give a child in need a free backpack.

      The congregation had a goal to give 50 school bags, but they've exceeded that goal with 57 donations.

      The missions board hopes every student who receives a donation will know they are loved.

      "Each backpack is a child. The child is someone that is got a whole life ahead of them. What we wanted to do is to let the congregation know that we want these children to know how much they're loved by God" says board member, David Bimel.

      Sunday, August 24 the congregation will dedicate the backpacks.

      Donations will be accepted anytime but will continue until September 15.