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      New life for an old Jeep

      A group from Munising has breathed new life into an old Jeep. ROAM Automotive has transformed a 1960 Willys Forward Control named Forward Frank from a camper into the ultimate off road vehicle.

      The outside might look like an old Jeep, but many of the internal parts such as the transmission and axle came from a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

      One of the unique features of the Jeep allows for the wheels to be switched out with rubber tracks.

      "We focus on the Upper Peninsula when we do this and these tracks are actually made up in Baraga. American Truck Tracks makes the tracks and we got with the company up there and they actually let us use a set of tracks for the show," said Tom Dolaskie of ROAM.

      The group has been working on the Jeep non-stop the past two and a half weeks to get it ready.

      If you want to check out the Jeep, it will be on display at the Boat, Sport, and RV Show this weekend at the Superior Dome.