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      New look for the New Year

      Members of the Northern Lights YMCA in Iron Mountain may have an easier time keeping their New Year's resolutions thanks to a new exercise space in the building.

      When the MSU Extension Service moved out of their space on the second floor, the Y jumped on the chance to convert it to a new workout facility. The Y wasted no time in the remodeling phase, which took only two weeks. Staff members say the newly renovated space frees up the gym which, during peak hours, became congested.

      "Because of the space, we're able to offer all of the classes we used to do, such as ultimate strength circuit, and we do basic noon fit mix, it's called. We do all kinds of classes throughout the day now. We're really excited about the cycling ones, of course, 'cause they're brand new," said Chris Cavalieri of the Northern Lights Y.

      Staff members say the new space is helping them brainstorm for other ideas and expand fitness options at the Y.