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      New look for the Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital's Oncology Department

      In March, Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital was on the verge of losing its Oncology Department. Luckily the hospital was able to reach out to Green Bay Oncology for help. When it was learned that Marquette General would not be able to continue servicing the hospital, they were able to get in contact with Green Bay Oncology and for good reason.

      "Green Bay Oncology is one of the strongest fighting cancer teams in the nation. They are relentless with their treatments and having them be able to provide their services here at Schoolcraft is just incomparable,â?? said Kacie Hanchek, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital.

      Green Bay Oncology began offering their services at Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital on April 2nd, but the group has had their presence felt in the U.P. for a while.

      "We've been available in the area since, I think, 1982. We had offices in Iron Mountain, also in Escanaba," said Dr. Jules Blank, Hematology and Oncology doctor with Green Bay Oncology.

      So far Green Bay Oncology has been working out of the hospital for three Wednesdays out of the month, seeing about 16 patients per visit. The most important part is that there was really no lapse in care between the time Marquette General left and Green Bay Oncology came in, which can make a big difference.

      "A lot of times cancer patients are ill and it's difficult for them to travel. So therefore if we can make ourselves more accessible to them, it makes their quality of life a lot better," said Dr. Blank.

      It's that kind of relentless attitude toward treatment that could be just what the doctor ordered for the patients of Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital.