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      New mammogram technology comes to the U.P.

      OSF Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Group is home to a new 3D Tomo mammography machine. The new machine looks surprisingly similar to the old version, but this new one allows the breast tissue to be seen in layers.

      "Well, the machine itsself is basically the same,â?? said cancer survivor, Sue Parker, â??but the visual that you get to see afterwards, there's a big difference there."

      The new machine gives off a similar dose of radiation, and patients are only compressed a few seconds longer than with the prior method.

      According to officials, the 3D mammography machine is more sensitive, specific, and able to pick up smaller abnormalities in the tissue.

      "We're just finding more disease,â?? said OSF Medical Director Stephen Manier, MD, â??and we're finding cancers and we're finding them earlier. We're finding these tumors that are less than a centimeter.â??

      Early detection of cancer increases the survival rate and could lessen the treatment and recovery time.

      "These are significant tumors, but they're very small,â?? Manier said. â??And that is the goal: to pick these up early and try to give these patients a really high chance for a cure."

      "The mammogram saved my life because it saved the quality of my life,â?? Parker said. â??By the early detection that I got, I was able to get the care and treatment I needed and I didn't have to have the chemo. I just had the radiation, and here I am. A survivor."

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