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      New Marquette business offers heavenly desserts

      A new business in Marquette is offering healthy desert options. Yoop-Phoria is a new self serve frozen yogurt shop. They offer eight different flavors of yogurt and a wide variety of toppings. For the less health conscious customer, they even offer bacon as a topping as well as the usual treats like candy bars and cookies. Monday the store had a soft opening for friends and family.

      "I think you need to come and try it out, the yogurt is fantastic, its healthy, and it's a nice change," said Tami Blotter, Owner of Yoop-Phoria. "We've got great yogurt and a fun atmosphere and we decided that we needed to do that here."

      Yoop-Phoria is located on the corner of Washington and Third street. The stores grand opening will be Friday April 11. Their regular hours will be 10 a.m. to Midnight.