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      New memorial in Wakefield

      First Sergeant Roger Randall and Tech Sergeant Mike Orlich are both longtime friends in their 90s who were in WWll. Both were taken away to see their names on the new Wakefield Area Veterans Living Memorial.

      "When I first started, that's one thing I wanted, and I'm very proud," said Roger Randall.

      "Well, I was surprised honest to God. As others it's going to stay there for a long time," said Mike Orlich.

      The community gathered to honor and watch the dedication of the Wakefield Area Veterans Living Memorial. This memorial came after two years of hard work from the American Legion Post 11, the VFW post 9084, the auxiliary, and the city of Wakefield. More than 700 names of living and passed veterans from Wakefield are on the memorial.

      "The setting is so beautiful. This is such a beautiful memorial overlooking the lake, flags flying, the sun shining. It couldn't have been a better day," said Debbie Syrjala.

      The memorial honors those who served and who are still serving in our Armed Forces. It is a reminder that freedom isn't free, and that many people sacrifice so much to protect our rights and freedoms in this country.

      "A lot of places don't remember, but here they remember. They remember every, every day," Randall added.

      If you want to visit the memorial, it's in Wakefield off of M-28.