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      New mothers bloom into a new lifestyle

      New mothers getting in shape and having a balanced life can be difficult.

      Bloom is a program held at the YMCA in Marquette which helps postpartum mothers lose the weight and have a healthy lifestyle. Mothers lose the baby weight with their baby. Bloom teaches women how to get back in shape with specific exercises where they can even use their child as a weight.

      "Just realizing how out of shape my core muscles were as a result of childbirth, but over the eight weeks, we have worked on refining those muscles, strengthening them," said Sarah Janda. "I feel like I have come a long way."

      The program is a result of a collaboration between several community organizations: OB/GYN Associates of Marquette, the YMCA, Marquette General Hospital, and the Superior Health Foundation. They wanted to have a resource for new mothers to use.

      It's an eight week program for women that are six weeks to a year postpartum. Each class includes fitness, but they also have a registered dietitian come and talk. Five classes focuses on mindful eating and the other three on good nutrition.

      "I'm more mindful about what I'm eating," said Katie Schultz. "I know that Stella's getting older and she will be watching me, so I'm definitely aware of that and I want her to have healthy habits."ã??For some mothers, the program also provides an opportunity to connect with other new moms. It gives them emotional support.

      "It's a great way to network with other moms who have gone through the experience and just trying to find that balance in life again," Janda said.

      Moms are also given tools to help them continue leading a healthy life after the end of the program.ã??They are hoping to conduct another session this coming fall.

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