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      New movie theater keeping it local

      The new movie theater being built off of Commerce Drive near the Westwood Mall in Marquette Township is right on schedule to be completed in May.

      It's a 32,000 square foot building, and those making it happen are all from the U.P.

      "Well, I think it says a lot about what kind of organization they are. And,they want to keep dollars here in the U.P. because those are the people that are going to patronize the business," said Jon Zander, Project Manager.

      The Thomas Theatre Group is keeping the project local by making it a point to hire only U.P. trade workers.

      "We knew we would be building in winter conditions, and there's nobody better suited to pull that off than Gundlach Champion. All of the trades people that Gundlach Champion uses are U.P. workers, contractors, companies," said Thomas Andes, owner of Thomas Theatre Group.

      From masons, laborers to electricians, they have 45 full-time employees working on the facility.

      For many of the trade workers, it's more than just a theater.

      "You know, we can drive through and say I was apart of that, and we want to make sure that when we are done, we are proud of it and tell our kids and our grandkids," Zander said.

      The Thomas Theatre Group is also looking to fill 50 new positions for operating the facility once it's completed. The theater will have the only large format screen in the U.P., 3D digital systems, stadium and VIP seating.

      Marquette Township officials say it will better the local economy.

      "It speaks volumes for the Marquette area in general. I think we have a lot going on. Having a new theater certainly gives people another reason to come and stay in Marquette," said Jason McCarthy, township planner.

      The $10 million theater is expected to be open in May. For more information click here.