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      New multimedia classrooms at Michigan Tech

      A dedication and ribbon cutting was held at Michigan Tech for two new multimedia classrooms.

      Two classrooms in the R. L. Smith mechanical engineering building were opened for use this year after a donation from the Ferstrum family. The R. W. Fernstrum & Company manufacturs marine cooling products.

      The Fernstrum family donated about $150,000 to Michigan Tech for new technology to be used in classrooms. Professor Gordon Parker says because of the new technology, he is able to get through 30 percent more material in a semester.

      â??It's not just by talking fast or assigning more homework problems and things like that, but instead I can get the students to want to learn it, to spend more time on the class material, and also to experience the material differently than they're able to if I'm using a piece of chalk on a chalkboard,â?? said Parker.

      The first multimedia classroom opened during the fall semester of 2012, and the second classroom opened this semester in January.