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      New owner to take Negaunee Cable into the future

      It's been a month since the sale of the Negaunee Cable Company, taking it from publicly owned to a private company.

      "We live in the community and this is something I have experience with, so this just gives people in Negaunee one more option," says Nick Visser, owner and operator of Negaunee Cable Company.

      Visser, a Northern Michigan University graduate with a professional background in the electronics industry says he purchased the company from the city for $1,000; however as a part of the deal the company will provide free service to the city in the amount of $40,000. He plans to spend thousands more to bring cable television in Negaunee into the twenty first century.

      Visser wants to be a substantial competitor to satellite television and the area's biggest private cable company, Charter. Customers can expect a switch to digital in the near future, as well as 15 new added channels and a walk in office for customer service.

      "Digital switch will be over the next three months; then we will add stations," reports Visser. "Next year we will start to add DVR boxes."

      Customers can soon expect to click to channels like the Big Ten Network, the NFL Network and Bravo TV. Viewers will also be able to pay their bills online, by check and in person at Peninsula Bank.

      Later expansion plans include extending services to Ishpeming as well as a shift to high definition television.