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      New owners of Norway Mountain begin renovations

      It was nearly two years ago that the ski resort in Norway shut its doors. But now, Neill and Kristi Urban have taken up the challenge to restore and re-open Norway Mountain.

      â??Our renovations so far, we've done roofing and painting,â?? said Neill. â??Weâ??ve got quite a bit done in the last month and one week.â??

      The location has a great view as it's situated at the top of the hill rather than the bottom. Some of the employees worked when it was opened years ago, and say the equipment still works and they're making great progress.

      â??For sitting for two years, Iâ??m pleasantly surprised with how little deterioration there was,â?? said employee Troy Laarman.

      Theyâ??ve still got some work to do before the season opening this winter, but they're excited for what's to come.

      â??The restaurant will be back open, the bar, cafeteria; it's a full renovation,â?? Urban said.

      They say people in the community are getting antsy and interested.

      â??All day long it's just a revolving door of cars coming up and down,â?? Urban said. â??People are excited about seeing the hill re-opening.â??

      The hill also has a special representative.

      â??The yeti is our mascot. Heâ??ll be on the hill all the time,â?? Urban said.

      â??Itâ??s a new, fresh experience and it's going to be exciting. Weâ??re going to have fun; an environment that's just a blast for everybody,â?? Laarman said.

      The owners are hoping for some significant snow-making to begin by Thanksgiving.