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      New parking fine in downtown Marquette

      A new parking fine will go into effect, July 1, downtown Marquette. A citation will now be a $20 flat rate.

      The city of Marquette said it has not changed its fines in over 10 years.

      Now it is just one set fine which the city said is less confusing to the person getting a ticket and it is also much easier on an administrative level.

      "We also have a new parking system that we recently enacted here in the city and a digital parking system that our officers use which helps administrate the parking system, and the new fine structure helps with that process, too," said Captain Gordon Warchock of the Marquette City Police Department.

      Some parking fines will remain the same, like handicapped parking; without the proper signage, it is still a $100 fine. And parking on the streets while the winter parking ban is in effect is still a $50 fine.