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      New parking ticket policy?

      If drivers are over their heads in unpaid parking tickets, they may have a tougher time when it comes to renewing their licenses, and they could even be arrested.

      Three unpaid parking tickets. That's all you need to lose your license and have a warrant out for your arrest.

      The State House passed a revised bill that would lower the number of unpaid tickets needed for being penalized from six to three.

      "In terms of parking tickets, I guess the state can do whatever they want when it comes to that. I mean if you get three tickets, you should have paid them by then. I have no excuses for mine. I guess if you got three, then you shouldn't have gotten three; you should have paid them by the time they're going to issue a warrant. Three seems a bit stiff," said Marquette resident Spenser Cantu.

      In Marquette, after four parking tickets, the police put a "boot" on the wheels that won't allow the car to move until the tickets are paid. Once the boot is put on, unpaid tickets are usually handled right away.

      The Marquette City Police have a different policy when it comes to parking tickets. If this bill does become a law, the Marquette Police said they will not be changing theirs.

      "I think six, we felt was a little too lenient, but three I think is a little too strict at this point. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we found a happy medium here in the city where we feel that's an appropriate amount," said Marquette City Police Captain Blake Rieboldt.

      The Senate passed a version of the bill last year, and if the Senate agrees to the changes, it could be sent to Governor Snyder.