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      New phone scam impersonates Escanaba Police Department

      Escanaba Department of Public Safety has reported a new phone scam.

      Officials report that the subject placing the phone calls identifies himself as an officer in the Escanaba Police Department. The "officer" requests a donation to help supported wounded officers and families of officers killed in the line of duty, asking for a credit card number to make the payment. The call was found to originate from Nevada and generated from the phone number (702) 978-6925.

      Phone scams are unfortunately common but, there are ways to avoid being a victim, said officials at Escanaba Department of Public Safety

      â??If youâ??re going to give charitable contributions pick your charities and give them direct,â?? said captain Jamie Segorski. â??Donâ??t give them over the telephone, donâ??t give them at the request of a caller. Give them to the charities in which you want to give to, contact them and give it that way.â??

      While the Escanaba Department of Public Safety is proud to be active with a variety of charities, soliciting over the phone and asking for a credit card will never be done by the department.