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      New phone scam preys on family sympathy

      A new phone scam has popped up that is trying to exploit the sympathy of family members.

      The Manistique Public Safety Department said that they received a report regarding a new phone scam that tried to get $2,000 from a Manistique man. The man received a phone call from somebody pretending to be his grandson. The person on the phone then said that he was in jail at Niagara Falls and needed to be bailed out.

      The person posing as the man's grandson then handed the phone to a more official sounding person who was posing as a member of the Niagara Falls Police. The man posing as the officer then said the grandson would be sent home if his bail of $2,000 was paid.

      The grandfather told the fake officer that he didn't have the $2,000, but then read off several other numbers of relatives the man on the phone could contact. The man posing as the police officer then hung up.

      The grandfather then called his real grandson's mother to explain the situation. She said that the grandson was actually in bed, sleeping. Other relatives were alerted to the scam, and the Manistique Public Safety Department was notified.

      Authorities are reminding the public that they should always be cautious when dealing with phone calls requesting money. If you suspect a phone scam, please contact your local law enforcement agency.