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      New play explores modern dating woes

      An original, new production, ex-dating, illustrates an alternative blind date set up between friends.

      "Rick and Anna are really good friends. They've been trying to see if dating will work for them for a while, but it just really doesn't. Rick is kind of in the friend zone, so they decide to invite a couple friends over and set up a blind date for the opposite one" says main character, Patrick Bradley.

      This modern dating scene takes a turn for the worse once the party gets started.

      You can find out how this twisted love triangle ends Wednesday night at the world premiere of Ex Dating at the NMU's Black Box Theatre.

      The play also runs Friday and Saturday.

      Show times are at 7:30 p.m.

      And one other thing..

      "This show would definitely be considered 'R' rated if it was a movie. It is for mature audiences. It has mature themes, mature language and it does have sexual situations" adds Martin Martello of Twirly Hag Productions.

      Tickets are available at all NMU outlets.

      Ex Dating is also scheduled to be performed in Las Vegas this year.