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      New playground ready for Barkell Elementary

      The wait is over for Barkell Elementary School students in Hancock.

      A new playground has been installed after a year-long process of fundraising and preparations.

      The new $45,000 playground was constructed behind the school this past Saturday. It replaces an old one that was falling apart and becoming a hazard to the students. The playground has new slides, monkey bars, and a web tower.

      Teachers and parents say the project has been a long time coming.

      "Before, it was just a little slide and pretty much a platform, and a lot of pieces had been removed over the years," says parent teacher organization president Tara Packard. "So, it really wasn't much; there wasn't much to it at the end. This is huge compared to what we had before."

      Teachers say they hope the playground will make recess more enjoyable for the kids and helps them better develop some of their motor skills.