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      New playground seeks funding

      The locals call it the beginning of Route 41, and for the kids who live and go to school here, they're looking to raise enough funds for a brand new playground. The one-room school house in Copper Harbor has been around since 1850, and their current playground equipment is over 50 years old. "We really don't want to go through another generation of kids with this old equipment. We need to update the equipment, and we're also very conscious of safety," said playground volunteer Marty Faassen. The new generation is very excited about the playground project. "It's going to be nice to get a new playground because we've had this one for a very long time," said student Audrey Robinson. The school wants to make sure that the new equipment is up-to-date, and they also want a soft enough surface area that will be a cushion for the kids if they happen to fall. The grand total for this new project will cost around $145,000, and the school is currently fundraising and accepting donations to help with the cost. "We feel this playground is unique. First of all, we want to make it inclusive and we want all kids to be able to enjoy the playground regardless of their abilities," said Playground Committee Chair Miranda Davis. With over 400,000 visitors a year and a large amount of those visitors being families, Copper Harbor wants to make sure everyone has a fun and safe place to go. The volunteers working to enhance playtime for the kids say the design is going to look and feel like a tree house with fossils embedded in the structure and a hollowed out log slide. Although this project isn't going to break ground until next summer, that isn't stopping them from moving forward. They're planning on making it a community build where anyone who wants to get involved can help.