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      New project hopes to get inmates back on their feet

      A new opportunity to help inmates get back on their feet is being made possible in Iron Mountain.

      The Alpha Omega House, owned by Catholic Social Services, was designed to help eligible inmates make a new life for themselves.

      Volunteers worked for three weeks remodeling a home, and donations from many others have made it ready for residents to move in.

      "Many of the inmates that had served their sentence and were released, that in a very short time they were back in jail again," said Deacon Don Christy of St. Mary's and St. Joseph's. "They end up going back to their old buddies, drugs, alcohol, whatever it is, and then they break probation or they start their old habits and they end up back in jail again."

      Various churches have come together to create a spiritual environment for inmates in need of hope. An interview process and screening is required for inmates entering the facility to ensure success of the program.

      An open house is scheduled for next Thursday, January 17, at 1 p.m. CT.