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      New representative for 110th District

      When it comes to the 110th District State Representative seat, Republican incumbent Matt Huuki is out while Democrat and newcomer Scott Dianda is in.

      With over 19,000 votes, Dianda beat his GOP opponent by almost three percent.

      Dianda and Huuki shared their opinions on the outcome of the election.

      "It's a privilege to be able to represent the people of the 110th District. Ninety-thousand people, those folks are on my mind knowing that we have to represent so our voice gets heard in Lansing," said Scott Dianda, representative elect.

      "It was hard to take, I'll admit. I thought there was momentum going in the direction for a change within the country, and it didn't go quite that way, so I was definitely disappointed," said Representative Matt Huuki.

      Huuki also added that it has been a great honor to serve the 110th District. When asked if he'd run again, Huuki gave no definitive answer.

      As for Dianda, he says while in office, his goal is to make sure K-12 education receives funding and more jobs are available for the middle class.