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      New restaurant, new jobs in Houghton

      A brand new restaurant opened its doors on Monday in Houghton.

      Culver's is known for its above-average burger and frozen custards. The new restaurant was filled with people waiting their turn in order get a taste of what it had to offer.

      The introduction of Culver's to the area is also giving those in the community job opportunities.

      "From an impact standpoint, I mean, we've created 75 jobs back here," said owner George Niemi. "It gives the Houghton clientele a little bit better place, a little bit different option for dining out. I think it's just a good fit."

      Besides burgers and many other tasty options, as well as 85 different flavors of custards, one of which will be featured every day, the restaurant says they also sponsor sports teams and offer fundraising events.

      Culver's replaced Perkins, which closed down earlier this year.