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      New roller derby team in Keweenaw

      UPDATE: The Keweenaw Roller Girls have a new home for practicing. The roller skating women are holding their sessions at Finlandia University in Hancock in the Paavo Nurmi Gym.

      Right now they have enough members for the team. Next spring, March 24, 2013, they will once again open the team to new members.

      Those looking to learn more about Roller Derby are always welcome to watch their practices. For times and dates of their practices at Finlandia University, check out their Facebook page at Keweenaw Roller Girls.

      Escanaba, Marquette, and Iron Mountain all have their very own roller derby teams, and now roller derby has made its way to the Copper Country.

      They call themselves the Keweenaw Roller Girls, and the newly formed team is looking for more players.

      "We've only been practicing for maybe a month at this point, and so we're still trying to pull a few more women in. So right now if you come, you're on the team. It's instantaneous. When it gets a little bit bigger, we'll be able to have real teams and real drafts," said Seri Robinson, co-president.

      Roller derby is an action sport. The Keweenaw Roller Girls practice twice a week for two hours, and they say as long as you have the drive and motivation, youâ??re perfect for the team.

      "We have girls of all shapes and sizes, of all different experience levels with athletics, and most of us have never skated before ever, and it doesn't matter. Anybody can come in and do it," said Amanda Mears, co-president.

      If you decide to join this team, you'll be taught the basics and then tested on what you've learned.

      The derby girls say they also need a new place to practice.

      "In a couple of weeks, we don't know what's going to happen. We're losing our space. It's going to get iced, and we don't currently have another space to practice, so hopefully we'll be able to continue our practicing, but we're not sure," Robinson said.