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      New scam targets businesses and residents

      The Marquette Board of Light and Power headquarters

      The Marquette Board of Light and Power is telling customers about a new phone scam going around.

      Residents and businesses are receiving phone calls telling them their power service will be shut off if they do not pay immediately. The phone number is from the Detroit area and the individuals on the phone identify themselves as either Brian or James.

      In most cases they ask for financial information over the phone and tell you to make a payment at either CVS Pharmacy or Radio Shack.

      "We have gotten numerous phone calls from both residential and commercial customers that the electricity was going to be shut off unless they made financial payment; these calls were not made by the Marquette Board of Light and Power. It's a Detroit area phone number," said Mary Adamini of the Marquette BLP.

      "Whenever I try to get scammed by credit card companies or by them you always have to call the place locally where they do business and talk to them first before you give anybody any of your information over the phone," said Marquette Meats owner Dan Meadows.

      The phone number reported in the scam is (313) 427-0362. The Marquette Board of Light and Power has informed the city police about the scam.