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      New Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital nearing completion

      The new Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital located in Thompson Township is 90 percent complete. The plan is to tear down the 60-year-old current hospital in Manistique. The new hospital isn't larger than the old building, but it will feature many new improvements.

      The groundwork for the new facility has long been laid out. Now it's just time to finish it. The new layout features more efficient patient access and 12 private patient rooms.

      The hospital CEO says patients are scheduled to move in on April 22.

      About 240 employees will be transferring to this new hospital with the addition of a few more employees who'll be hired. Inside there are operating rooms, nurses' stations and five ER treatment spaces.

      "Once they see the building, they'll understand why they needed to do it," says Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital CEO, George Montgomery. "It was very unlikely that they could've done the things they needed to do to the old building to make it work for us long term."

      It cost about $25 million to build the new building. Montgomery says it's an exciting opportunity for the community to recruit physicians and surgeons. And from what he's heard, the public is excited.

      â??You're always going to have some naysayers, and I don't want to focus on that. Iâ??ve gotten lots of positive feedback on the building, and we're happy to have it done for them,â?? Montgomery says.

      Construction started back in August 2011.