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      New sewage and water systems in Manistique

      A $10 million project has made its way to Manistique.

      The state gave an eight million dollar Rural Development grant and loan to Michigan to update their sewage and water systems. And M-DOT is giving the west side of M-94 a two million dollar makeover.

      "A lot of these folks have lived with streets that had virtually nothing done with them for many, many years. So it's invaluable for what it offers our residents and what it offers to people who would like to make Manistique their home," said Manistique City Manager Sheila Aldrich.

      The new pipe system will replace 30 to 40 blocks of new water and storm sewers, starting on Elk Street, and some of the grant will help repave the roads.

      The sewer system is over 100 years old and it's deteriorating. With the new replacement, the water sewer and storm sewer will have their own pipes and flow separately, as opposed to sharing a pipe like they do now.

      'It's important to replace the sewer and water mains because a lot of them are deteriorating because they're so old and just for the public good," said Project Engineer/Inspector Donna Lynts.The project was started in April and is expected to be finished by this November.