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      New survey for students?

      Marquette Area Public School students could soon be asked questions about their personal habits. The Family Life Advisory Committee approved a survey called the Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth. The survey gives community health officials and educators a look at risk behavior data, like sexual behavior and substance abuse. The Family Life Advisory Committee is the group that sets the curriculum regarding sexual education in the Marquette Area School District.

      "Any curriculum is previewed by this committee, when we have the doctors from Family Care Doctors come over and do 'ask the doctors'; that curriculum has all been gone over by this committee, nothing is taught without going through this," said Jeanette Wealton of the Family Life Advisory Committee.

      The Marquette School Board would still have to approve the survey. The committee is made up of health care professionals, clergy, staff and parents. They are currently looking for parents who are interested in joining the committee.