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      New technology for young students

      Since October, teachers at Cameron Elementary School in Gladstone have been incorporating over 90 iPads into their daily curriculum.

      Each grade was given a cart of 32 iPads. The kindergarten teachers chose to split up the carts, so each classroom has eight iPads daily.

      "I use all eight iPads every day in my literacy centers,â?? said Jennifer Walker, a kindergarten teacher at Cameron. â??I have two tables of four set up. One is a reading app and one is a math app that the kids work on to reinforce the skills that I am teaching in the classroom."

      The eight iPads per kindergarten classroom allow the teachers to differentiate their lesson plans. This gives students the opportunity to learn at their own level.

      Students play education based games and advance levels at their own pace.

      "One is Reading Raven and I'm on level four,â?? said PJ Hammond, a Cameron kindergartener.

      Each application on the iPad focuses on a different skill set and helps enhance the teacher-taught lessons.

      "It helps you learnâ?|how to spell words," said Cole Carlson, a kindergartener.

      Kindergartener Teagan Reynolds explains, "It teaches you how to write letters."

      The money used to purchase the iPads came from the Gladstone Area Schoolsâ?? bond proposal that passed about a year and a half ago.