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      New trailer makes hunting accessible to everyone

      Wildlife Unlimited of Iron County is making hunting this season open to everyone with a new handicap accessible hunting trailer.It's been three years since Matthew Silvie had a stroke which forced him to give up his lifetime passion of hunting. Karen Silvie explains her husband's main goal was to "retire up here and be able to hunt" and "he had given up that hope." However, his hope has been restored after he used a new handicap hunting trailer.The shooting mechanism can hold any rifle with a scope and is completely remote controlled. The trailer is also equipped with video and has its own built in heater."I think they got this rigged up where it just about fit anybody that wanted to hunt," said Matthew. "They did a good job."Scott Westphal of Wildlife Unlimited explains the job is far from complete, but the project wouldn't be possible without the "generosity of a lot of people in Iron County." The adventure started just before dusk and a little over two hours later, Silvie's hunt was successful. "A four point buck came in," said hunter Darin Long. "Probably bout a 15-20 yard shot with a most hunts, we've got to track now."The deer may need to be tracked, but residents restricted to a wheelchair will have to search no longer for a way to get back into hunting for any season.Anyone who would like more information on the trailer can contact:Wildlife Unlimited of Iron CountyScott: (906) 282-6261 or Darin: (906) 284-2686