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      New traveling exhibit comes to Marquette

      A new exhibit opened at the Peter White Public Library on Monday. It's called We Don't Want Them, and it focuses on housing discrimination in the metro Detroit area.

      The traveling exhibit is part of the Great Michigan Read partnership with the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity.

      The book associated with this year's Great Michigan Read is called Arc of Justice by Kevin Boyle.

      "The book, the Arc of Justice, centers on that whole era," said Programming Coordinator Margaret Boyle. "It's the story of Dr. Ossian Sweet; he's an African American physician who moved to the Detroit area and set off a whole storm of protests from the neighborhood."

      The exhibit is designed to stimulate discussion concerning discrimination practices in cities all across Michigan, including here in Marquette.

      Part one of a panel discussion will be held on January 16 at 7 p.m. called, Are You My Neighbor? and will feature panelists from the Marquette Housing Commission, Great Lakes Recovery, and the Northern Michigan University Black Student Union.

      We Don't Want Them will remain at the Peter White Public Library through January 25.