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      New Troopers for the Upper Peninsula

      126th MSP Class

      The 126th Trooper Recruit School graduates are now starting to familiarize themselves with their new post assignments.

      FOX UP's Kelsey Niemisto talked to two of them, and got their take on being a trooper.

      Monday, June 9th marked the start of both troopers second week on the job.

      Trooper Ryan Giroux from Oxford, is posted in Negaunee.

      Trooper Tyler Vargo, from Big Bay, is posted in Gladstone.

      And even after a long and grueling academy, both of them said they couldn't be happier with their career choice.

      "It's not only challenging to try and get them to learn their new job it also keeps us on our toes. It reminds us of how special it is to get into this department," said Lt. Robert Pernaski, Post Commander at the Michigan State Police Negaunee Post.

      On January 3rd, 2014, 115 recruits entered the Michigan State Police Academy as the 126th class, to train and become troopers.

      82 completed the 21 week academy, and graduated as Michigan State Troopers on May 30th.

      Six of those 82 recruits were posted in the Upper Peninsula.

      Trooper Ryan Giroux made an eight hour move from Oxford, Michigan, to the post in Negaunee.

      He has prior military experience, has been married for seven years, and has two small children.

      "I think that you want to wake up everyday and go to a job that you love, and leave everyday feeling like you've accomplished something. You've actually done something better for yourself and people around you," said Trooper Ryan Giroux, Negaunee Post.

      Trooper Tyler Vargo didn't move as far.

      He's from Big Bay, and has been posted in Gladstone.

      He has prior law enforcement experience, is engaged, and has a young son.

      "I've always wanted to help people. I found law enforcement is more of a proactive way to help people other than doing other things, that you're reacting to a situation," said Trooper Tyler Vargo, Gladstone Post.

      Both Trooper Giroux and Trooper Vargo say they are proud to call themselves a part of the Michigan State Police.

      But, as with all jobs, there are challenges.

      Troopers Vargo and Giroux saying familiarizing themselves with their patrol areas and learning the new mobile technology are a bit difficult.

      "It's kind of like getting into the cockpit of a plane. Your first thought is 'holy cow, how do they do all this stuff?' And then for us, we're mobile. So we're driving, and you have to be very aware of your surroundings. You know, you don't want to be distracted by the things that are in that car," said Sgt. Joe O'Hagan, Negaunee Post.

      "Well the FTO program with the Michigan State Police consists of 17 weeks of training. Three phases. Each phase is five weeks and at the end of the fifteen weeks is a two week shadow phase where the probationary trooper is rated on his performance and his performance alone," said Trooper Dan Bartell, Gladstone Post.

      The U.P. welcomed four other new troopers as well.

      Trooper Paul Ferraro from Brimley, Trooper Michael Perkins from Glennie, and Trooper Christopher Zylik from Livonia have all been posted in St. Ignace.

      Trooper Warren Webster from Grand Rapids has been posted in Wakefield.

      Congratulations on your new positions, and thank you for your services to our U.P. communities.

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