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      New truck route considered in Marquette

      The city of Marquette is looking into a new bypass that will serve as a trucking route around the city. Marquette City Commissioners heard more about the idea Monday night.

      A subcommittee has been negotiating with Lundin Mining , other affected townships, and state representatives. The committee says Senator Tom Casperson has included a request for a bypass in the transportation supplement appropriations bill. In the meantime, a route through the city will have to be used.

      According to Sarah Cambensy, Marquette City Commissioner, "The discussions remain positive, with the subcommittee believing there's a good chance that, after a meeting tomorrow, we can reach a consensus on a tentative road use agreement through the city for the interim and bring a recommendation back to the full commission to take action on."

      In other business, the commission also approved directing city staff to prepare an agreement for a license to the Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club to build a boat house on city property at Founders Landing. Details of the agreement still need to be worked out, and the proposal will have to come before the commission one more time.