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      New ultrasound technology at Aspirus Keweenaw produces 3-D, 4-D images

      A new technology is now available at Aspirus Keweenaw in Laurium. Mothers- and fathers-to-be can now see 3-D and 4-D ultrasound images of their child.

      The 3-D ultrasound is a still image of the baby with color and depth, and the 4-D ultrasound shows the baby's movement.

      The best images are produced between 20 and 30 weeks of pregnancy as the baby is more developed. Hospital officials say it??s an innovative way to make each parents' experience a little more special.

      ??The 2-D is black and white, and this is color and you have depth,?? said Director of Diagnostic Services at Aspirus Keweenaw, Gordie Rintala. ??So, moms and dads actually see features. They recognize a nose, like, 'Oh, they have your nose.' It's really fun because it really brings it to life.??

      The services are offered at a routine scan.