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      New video gives fresh identity to Western Marquette County


      Hard working people, a vibrant history that is alive and growing, and a community full of energy and enthusiasmâ??that is the message of a new video sponsored by the Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau showcasing Western Marquette County.

      â??Finally the West End has their brand and image,â?? said MCCVB Director Pat Black. â??I did it because I thought the West End needed their own identity; they have so much to offer people, and itâ??s a different place than Marquette.â??

      The video, produced by Superior Productions, highlights the people, business owners, the areaâ??s history, and events.

      â??In the editing room, everything came together so naturally because the story really told itself,â?? said producer Faye Elder.

      Producers Elder and Bill Thum have been given the opportunity to work on several projects about different areas in the Upper Peninsula, and for them, the visual displays have become a labor of love.

      â??It wasnâ??t until I spent the time there with fresh eyes was I able to see all the West End has to offer,â?? Elder said. â??It became an adventure.â??

      The new video will be used for promotional purposes by the MCCVB as well as the Greater Ishpeming-Negaunee Area Chamber of Commerce, who helped in the overall process. Both organizations have added it to their websites. The piece will be used at conventions and shows across the country, and DVDs will be made available to those looking for information on the West End.

      â??Marquette County is diverse as to what it has for visitors,â?? Black said. â??The West End has nailed it down.â??

      Watch the video on the Chamberâ??s website or the MCCVBâ??s website