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      New WI bill to help middle school students

      There's good news for middle school students in Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker signed into law a bill that allows seventh and eighth graders to receive high school credit.

      Initially, Wisconsin law only allowed ninth through twelfth grade students to obtain high school credits. The credits can be received only under certain circumstances. The courses have to be taught by a teacher licensed to teach the subject matter to high school students. The course also has to be taught using the same curriculum and tests the high school students get. Itâ??s a program Florence County School District may begin using.

      â??If they plan on doing a lot of math in high school, which our school offers, up through AP calculus, and if you don't take Algebra as an eighth grader, you would be required to double-up in math somewhere in one of the years which, again, gives you scheduling conflicts,â?? said math teacher, Jim Uren.

      Florence High School already has about eight middle school students participating in high school courses.