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      New Year's Eve pasty drop

      Escanaba is holding their first annual Pasty Drop. Taking place on the corner of 11th and Ludington, the pasty hanging from a crane will be dropped to ring in the New Year.

      Constructed of metal tubing, chicken wire and lights, the lightweight pasty measures about 8' x 12'.

      The cold weather is creating some changes in plans. Some of the activities have been cancelled, and a television feed is being donated to broadcast the drop on the side of the Downtown Development Authority??s building.

      "So we'll be broadcasting television this evening, and we will have a countdown and we'll have some music. We would have had live music, but with the weather being so cold, instruments aren't really going to work outside."

      Officials are hoping to see this become a growing annual tradition with a focus on U.P. products and traditions.