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      New zip line unleashes aerial action

      Wildman Adventure Ranch in Niagara, Wisconsin has added a unique new addition to the U.P.'s action-packed outdoor activity list. Zip lining. Zip line guide Jake Ringo says he sees residents of all ages anxious to zip through the skies.

      â??We've had people of all ages. I've taken a 91-year-old woman and she loved it,â?? says Jake.

      It consists of a pulley suspended on a cable 40 feet in the air. It enables any user propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the cable.

      â??You can hit speeds of 35-40 mph,â?? Jake says.

      The course has five zip lines and over 1900 feet of aerial action.

      Guide James Edge says safety is a top priority.

      â??Typically when we start, we go over a lot of the issues that could possibly happen,â?? says James.

      Employees are also required to undergo a monthly training. Today's rescue simulation teaches employees additional safety techniques.

      â??If someone were to get caught in the middle, unable to pull themselves, or had some type of medical issue that prevented them to come into the platform, we could go out and lower them down ourselves,â?? James says.

      Zip lining costs $63 on weekdays $79 on weekends, and for Dickinson and Marinette County residents, itâ??s half price on Thursdays.