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      Newberry Country Club opens for the public

      The Newberry country club is open for the season and to the public. Under new ownership the golf course received a major upgrade.

      Teeing off will be a new experience when you are out at the new Newberry Country Club. In the last ten months the golf course has under gone a transformation.

      "It doesn't even seem like it was a year ago where we had the old one and now what we're dealing with now it's pretty surreal," said Lee Warren, member.

      The course was originally built in 1927, but over the last decade started to deteriorate. Since new ownership took over in September, the course was completely restored to it's original glory.

      They expanded from nine to eighteen holes. They widened fairways, improved irrigation, added bunkers and all new equipment.

      "To make a facility that was family friendly and that would also appeal to the hundreds of thousands of tourists that come up here from downstate," said Lance Byrns, owner.

      One of the major changes to the property, a new clubhouse. Inside a new pro-shop, and restaurant.

      "Seven days and nights a week you can come out and enjoy our restaurant, sports bar. And, you don't have to play golf and you don't have to be a member in order to enjoy the facility. You can come from anywhere in the world and enjoy our property, which is great," said Daniel Moulton, general manager.

      With the changes they have seen a 20 % increase in people coming out.

      There are also plans to expand some areas in the future.

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