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      Newberry crews work on frozen pipes

      Even with the recent rise in temperatures, Newberry residents are still being asked to keep their water running. Village officials say the let run policy is in effect for at least the rest of the month to combat frozen water and sewer pipes.

      Norma LaFave just found out about the let run policy Monday.

      "We haven't had any water situations, said Norma. It's been sewer problems for us, and our lines were clogged."

      But thankfully, her sewer problems haven't been as bad as what others have been experiencing. Two sewer and ten water lines have frozen in the last two weeks. Most have been fixed with a thaw machine, but one sewer line on Monday needed to be completely replaced.

      The public works department says several old pipes in the village are not deep enough in the ground, so they freeze. And even though the let run policy may waste water, they say it's for the best to keep it running so it doesn't freeze in your pipes.

      "In the past we've had several water lines freeze up without the let run and then come spring time, we had lots of water line breaks, and it causes headaches for homeowners and the village," said Bill Glime, Superintendent of Public Works.

      Glime says water bills will be adjusted for the let run policy. With warmer weather, they're not in the clear yet.

      "Even when the thaw starts, the frost could even be driven deeper into the ground, Glime said, so that's what we're trying to prevent."

      That's why the let run policy could be extended past February and into spring.