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      NHL ready to go...finally

      Hockey fans around the world have reason to cheer again as the National Hockey League strike is over. After 113 days, representatives for the league and the players' union came to an agreement on the framework of a 10-year deal. The lockout resulted in the cancellation of more than half the regular season. Some NMU Wildcats have been affected by this lockout as well.

      "For example, Justin Florek is in his first year pro as a Boston Bruins and their organization. He's playing in their American League team, and Boston has sent down a number of NHL players and those guys have bit off some ice time," said NMU Hockey Coach Walt Kyle. "And for our guys that are in the NHL, Mark Oliver, Justin Florek, they're all playing in the minors. It's going to be great for them to get back into the National Hockey League and, you know, earn their spurs."

      The collective bargaining deal includes a salary cap of $64.3 million for the coming season. The NHL has not set a schedule as of yet.