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      Niagara introduces Project Lifesaver into community

      The City of Niagara and Maryhill Manor have brought Project Lifesaver to their community.

      Project Lifesaver seeks to provide safety for adults and children who are at risk to wander. Eligible candidates are given a tracking bracelet that can locate them in the event they go missing. The program is extremely beneficial for people with disorders like Alzheimerâ??s, Autism, Down Syndrome, and Dementia; candidates who are prone to go missing.

      The program is effective when a caregiver lets police know of the missing person, and the officials can then use their tracking equipment to locate the individual.

      â??We have been working on it for about a year, working with donor, and getting the training necessary to use the equipment,â?? said Assistant Chief of Police of Niagara, Angela Moreau. â??Today is the official day where we'll be happy to take in different applications for candidates.â??

      So far, area donors and businesses have made it possible for anyone eligible to receive the bracelet for free. Donations from Forward Financial Credit Union, First National Bank of Niagara, Niagara Area Business Association, Niagara Lions Club and the Dickinson County Healthcare Foundation Grant have ensured full funding for the program.

      Florence County also has the program, and has helped the City of Niagara in efficient and effective training for the program. If you interested in applying for the program, you can contact Maryhill Manor at (715) 251-3172 or the Niagara Police Department at (715) 251-3121.