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      Nice weather now, but maybe not on Thanksgiving

      The nice weather continues for Sunday. A normal high for this time of year is 37, but Sunday's highs should be well into the lower 50s. A few spots inland may not quite get to 50 though. Skies should be partly cloudy.

      As that south wind continues through Sunday night, lows will only fall the mid 30s to low 40s. Skies will again be partly cloudy.

      Monday sees a change in the weather. Highs should still be similar to Sunday, but a cold front enters the western UP in the late morning or early afternoon and should bring some light rain with it. It's not looking like a very strong cold front so temperatures won't drop very much.

      Monday night's lows will still mainly be in the mid to upper 30s behind the front and 40s ahead of it. Rain is likely to continue eastward overnight.

      By Tuesday afternoon, the front should be out of our hair and skies will steadily become mostly clear by Tuesday night. Wednesday will then be warm again into the 50s as winds pick up out of the south.

      As of Sunday morning, Thanksgiving Day looks like it will see another cold front pass. Highs should be in the low 50s, but it will start to rain later in the day, and as the front passes, it will likely turn to snow that will last through Friday as lake effect takes over.

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